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Uncertain economic times mean that financial accountability and marketing are going to go hand-in-hand whether we like it or not. In the blog post 7 Strategies for B2B Marketing during a Recession: The Definitive Guide, Jon Miller, VP of Marketing for Marketo, states, " investments must be justified with a rigorous business case and should be amortized over the entire ‘useful life’ of the investment."
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None of us would write a cheque for an order of widgets without checking that the right number of widgets arrived in good condition. That’s basic financial accountability, right? So why get sloppy when buying media? If you buy advertising space in a publication that doesn’t have an audited circulation statement, you’re spending your money on an unknown audience. You are at the mercy of the publisher. You might think you’re paying to reach 50,000 subscribers, but in actuality, only 30,000 names are viable because the data is out of date, or no one at the address actually requested the magazine (meaning there’s a high chance that it goes straight into the recycling bin). Or maybe you pay for 50,000 readers, but only 30,000 of those readers have purchasing influence or are in the right geographic area for your company.

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The headlines are full of the dreaded R-word…recession. The temptation (or perhaps the mandate) to slash marketing budgets is all around. But do you take your foot off the gas going up hill? Better to downshift and create more torque. In Marketing in a Recession: Beyond the Obvious by Chris Koch, one of the recommendations is to maximize your vertical marketing strategy. Why? Because some verticals will be more ‘recession-proof’ than others. For example, the aging baby boomers mean that healthcare is thriving—and pretty much guaranteed to do so for a long time.
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