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Monday, June 16th by Amanda
Richard Willingham, BPA director and president of the marketing agency motum b2b, has a series of three articles on the importance of professional accountability and the use of audited media. He looks at due diligence, media buying decisions, applying best practices and avoiding media lemons.
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Wednesday, June 18th by Amanda
FOLIO magazine didn’t just notice the Buy Safe Media campaign, they wrote an article about it. Writer Bill Mickey commends BPA and fellow supporters’ efforts. In his interview with Glenn Hansen, BPA CEO, and Peter Black, BPA senior vice president of business development, Mickey delves into the Buy Safe Media movement to uncover the value of audited media for the business-to-business marketing industry. The message is spreading. Read the story for yourself and see how we're continuing to 'turn up the heat on unaudited media.'
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Friday, March 20th by Stephanie
European communications group Mach Media has reminded its blog followers to buy only from audited media outlets in the March 18th post Buy from audited media by Taunya Renson-Martin. The post also had this to say about the Buy Safe Media program.
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Thursday, April 9th by Buy Safe Media Supporter News
With the constraints of the economic downturn, more and more media buyers are turning to the digital realm. American Business Media forecasts that the recession could force print advertising revenue in the b-to-b space down 19 to 22% in 2009, while digital could grow 9 to 11%. This trend is despite the fact that, according to a recent study by media consultancy McPheters & Company, 63% of banner ads are not seen, only 37% of Internet ads registered with viewers and those viewers stopped on slightly less than a third.
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Monday, April 13th by Mark

Bob Felsenthal, publisher of Media Business, says he ‘is enamored with the campaign’ in this April 3 column. He goes on to point out that, ‘It's no secret there many ways to underdeliver ad expectations— and provide inaccurate or out-of-date numbers—when a publication is unaudited.’

Thanks, Bob!

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Thursday, October 15th by Ekaterina
After Conde Surprise, Mag Buyers Want Transparency.
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Wednesday, October 21st by Ekaterina
Do unaudited titles cease at a higher rate than audited?
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Friday, February 12th by Buy Safe Media Supporter News
The BuySafeMedia campaign delivered a second wave of direct mail letters to Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and publishers, telling them how audited media can help them in business. The letters arrived with recipients between Sept 16 and Sept 18 and each featured a personalized URL (PURL) with information about their unaudited media investments.
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