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Sunday, June 15th by Amanda
Monitoring is one issue. Measurement is another. Smart companies do both. There are two flavours of measurement: the first provides a reporting function, the second provides instigation for the taking of action. Be sure to understand what you’re looking for.
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Monday, June 23rd by Amanda

Do you perceive the future of traditional media, particularly newspapers, as a threat or opportunity? And how can threats be turned into opportunities? Pradeep Guha, CEO, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, spoke at the CEO Conclave of the Indian Newspaper Congress on May 16, 2008, in New Delhi on the subject and says that while traditional media are not likely to become extinct, the real threat lies in their losing their position of dominance.

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Tuesday, June 24th by Amanda

Jeff Bernoff from the blog Groundswell loves data. But he claims data isn't the whole story and that said, if you start and end with data alone, you will go wrong. In this entry, Jeff speaks about how we must provide analysis—alongside, driving or surrounding the data we present--which helps creates the basis for intelligent decision-making.

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