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Monday, June 23rd by Amanda

Do you perceive the future of traditional media, particularly newspapers, as a threat or opportunity? And how can threats be turned into opportunities? Pradeep Guha, CEO, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, spoke at the CEO Conclave of the Indian Newspaper Congress on May 16, 2008, in New Delhi on the subject and says that while traditional media are not likely to become extinct, the real threat lies in their losing their position of dominance.

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Monday, July 28th by Mark
Good news for the newspaper industry! According to Mediamark Research and Intelligence, total readership—including online visitors—is increasing. Learn more about why the newspaper medium is still a solid investment for marketers.
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Thursday, August 14th by Mark
Al-Jazirah, a Saudi daily newspaper, just became the first Middle Eastern publication to be audited. The decision was described as "a significant step in [Al-Jazirah’s] history." Read more about the publication and why it chose media auditing.
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Friday, September 19th by Mark
According to the Newspaper Audience Databank 2007/08 Readership Study, Canadians are continuing to read their dailies. Read this Media in Canada article to learn more about which publications are still going strong and in what regions.
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