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'You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure'
Friday, August 6th by Ekaterina
The ISBM has developed a strong partnership with Advanced Industrial Marketing, which resulted in assembling some exciting new course offerings on video/mixed media which will be previewed in the “new offerings” segment of this meeting.
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Friday, August 13th by Ekaterina
Event organizers in the Middle East are undertaking professional audits of visitor numbers amid accusations of practices such as exaggerated attendance reports and inclusion of catering staff in official figures.
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Friday, August 20th by Ekaterina
BPA offers bundled package for print, event and online audits at no additional cost. In a shift toward total brand metrics, BPA Worldwide now bundles enhanced website traffic measurement with their members’ print and trade show audits without increasing their existing dues and fees. BPA web-only members can now include print or events in the same bundled package. Essentially, BPA members around the world will now have near real-time online reporting of audited web activity included with circulation audit of print products and attendance at exhibitions or events.
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Monday, September 13th by Ekaterina

Topics for discussion include:

  • Findings from the CMO-CIO Alignment Imperative study with Accenture
  • How Digital Marketing is Impacting the Consumer Decision Journey and Enabling Competitive Advantage (David Edelman of McKinsey)
  • Marketing Organization Review + Empowerment (MORE)Assessing, Integrating, Focusing and Developing Global Teams

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Thursday, October 7th by Mark
Highlights of the actions taken by the Newspaper Committee of the Audit Bureau of Circulations’ (ABC) board of directors at an interim meeting held Sept. 16th, 2010. - Action Deferred on Print/Digital Hybrid and Bundled Subscriptions - Final Approval for Digital Edition Verified Circulation Requirements - Rule Governing Separate Editions, Including Branded and Digital Replica and Non-Replica Editions, Also Approved
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Thursday, October 14th by Ekaterina
An educational video from one of TSEA’s members, Ed Jones at Constellation Communications Corporation, on how to plan and produce return on investment in trade show marketing during an economic downturn.
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Friday, October 22nd by Ekaterina
In September, the 4A's Board of Directors adopted a new 4A's Position Paper, "Agency Compensation: 4A’s Agency Compensation Transformation Doctrine—Strategic Pillars".
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Friday, October 29th by Ekaterina

Global exhibition association UFI has compiled a 2009 Euro Fair Statistics (EFS) report, containing audited statistics of 2,092 exhibitions from 20 European countries.

The report offers statistics collected by 12 auditing bodies, and includes exhibitions covering over 20 million sqm of registered rented space.

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Friday, November 5th by Ekaterina
We are inviting marketing decision makers to take this survey to discover how their companies’ media buying practices compare to industry best practices.
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Friday, November 26th by Ekaterina

Dave Beals, author of the ANA’s recently published “Agency Compensation: An ANA Guidebook” will briefly cover the guidelines and best practices for establishing an effective agency compensation plan in today’s rapidly changing marketing and media landscape.

He will touch on the primary methods of compensation today, including newer methods like “Value Based” and “Sales Commission”, highlighting the key considerations and pros and cons. Time will be set aside for David to answer your questions about agency compensation practices.

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