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Some of the people you’ll get to talk to include:

Connection Model, LLC
Ronen Ben-Dror
Director, New Business Development
Blue Valley Telemarketing
Connection Model, LLC
David Carpenter
VP, Digital Strategy at ymarketing; Digital Strategist at Connection Model, LLC
Geoff Noake
AdPlace Marketing
Glenn Hansen
President & CEO at BPA Worldwide
Wallace Jackson
Multimedia Producer
MindTaffy Design
Michael Massey
President of media man
Gracie MacKinlay
Network Manager
The Performance Network NZ
Ana Marcovic
Market Research Analyst
Bruce Morrison
Vice President, Marketry, Inc.
Linda Musgrove
President of the Trade Show Training firm, TradeShow Teacher
Magnus Paulsson
Linda Petersell
Manager Marketing Services at BPA Worldwide
Frank Ricketts
Vice President and Partner at Colour Creative Persuasion
Romulus Stoian
Regional Outdoor Media Specialist
Clear Channel Outdoor
Susan Sheehan
Director, New Business

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