Buy Safe Media
How does this sit with you?

If you buy unaudited media, your plan is unaccountable, and most likely indefensible.

Investing in media advertising is a business decision with its own industry accountability standards.

The media audit, conducted by an independent third-party, is the audience metric industry standard for buying any form of marketing media—whether it’s a position in a print magazine, an on-line banner ad or a booth at a trade show.

Without a third-party audit, you can’t confirm:

  • if the people using that media fit your target audience
  • how many of these ‘qualified’ people are actually
    using/reading/visiting/attending the media you’re buying

It’s as simple as that.

An unaudited audience means no usable metrics

Think about it—if you can’t confirm the audience, how do you measure and adjust your campaign’s message, offer or creative? There’s no starting point to assess the campaign if you don’t know for sure who was exposed to the campaign in the first place.