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The unaudited $xxxMillion ad buy.

In the good’ol days life was easy. There was basically one way to buy advertising and that was print.

Print audits are the grand-daddy of the media audit world. They’ve been around for decades. Ever since AAM (formerly ABC) was founded in 1914, brands, buyers and publishers have had access to circulation verification audit reports to confirm the audience (who and how many readers) a publisher was selling. Then BPA Worldwide (Business of Providing Assurance) joined the industry in 1931, offering another third-party circulation audit option.

Print audits reduce risk for brands and buyers by providing third-party-verified audience metrics, including:

  • total circulation for an overall view
  • geographical breakdown of circulation
  • newsstand versus subscription sales
  • average age of subscriptions
  • demographics for B2B media
  • circulation source and age

That means you can compare between different publications and make decisions on where to invest your print advertising dollars based on hard data. Not hunches. Not estimates. Facts.

You’d think print audits and circulation statements would be a well established and understood tool in the media buying and selling world. However, there are still some unwary advertisers that continue to make unsupportable and indefensible investments in unaudited titles.

Click here to see sample print audit statements.

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